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Riverdale InteriorsBespoke Flooring, Upholstery, Furniture and Soft Furnishings
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Custom Furniture Makers

From creating bespoke pieces of furniture for a specific space or design, to delivering the beautiful deep gloss French polish to existing pieces, we believe in the best of furniture.

All to often, what’s available through the commercial market just isn’t quite right, whether lacking in design, variations, materials or size, it’s a frustration if you can’t find that perfect piece. Our service ensures you always can, offering complete bespoke pieces of furniture, made to any specification, incorporating any kind of fabrics and hand crafted with beautiful woods such as teak and mahogany; we ensure that if you can’t find the perfect furniture, we can make it for you.


Our range of bespoke crafted furniture and French polishing services, provided throughout London and the South East includes;

  • Bespoke furniture to your specification
  • Modern and traditional styles
  • Huge range of upholstery and finishes
  • Furniture replication and matching
  • Expert French polishing services
  • From chairs to banquet tables and wood panelling

In addition to crafting complete new pieces of furniture, we also offer decades of expertise as specialist upholsterers, bringing new fabrics, finishes and life to current pieces of furniture including traditional techniques. This includes a full French polishing service, bringing that beautiful deep polish and lustre to all kinds of wooden pieces whether chair frame, table or wardrobe, our experts can bring out the deep beauty of wood.

Whatever your bespoke furniture or French polishing requirements, speak to the experts at Riverdale Interiors for an exceptional service; contact us today to arrange a quotation with one of our experienced team.

Registered Address: 49 Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury CT2 7FG

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